• Evaluating Speed In Youth Football

    Cricket, Cycling, Tennis

    Youth football coaches need to understand the relative speed their players have in relation to one another to help determine positions. The ability for a player to control their body, change direction, strength and desire are also just as important factors in determining appropriate positions. Linear speed is not as important as most coaches think, but is still something that does play a part in determining positions.

    Most youth football coaches determine speed by timing players in 40 yard dashes. That may not be the most accurate measurement of speed, as most football plays at the youth level anyways rarely go for 40 yards or more.

    Most youth football players tire of standing in line for a 40 yard dash that may or may not be timed correctly. There are much better ways to determine speed than 40 yard dashes.

    The way I determine speed is through the Deer Hunter


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