LSP Shows Better Uses For Essential Oils

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Essential oils are healthy ways to manage health and improve your life. They are all natural and don’t present any health risks as long as the oils are used as directed. The oils also present a multitude of uses beyond just health-related improvements. Online suppliers offer these oils and advice about how to use these essential oils each day.

Refreshing Your Laundry

Consumers could modify their favorite laundry detergents by adding essential oils to the laundry. It is recommended they use only up to twenty drops of the preferred essential oil per load. They should also make sure the laundry detergent and oils mix completely before loading their clothing in their washing machine.

Creating Your Own Sunscreen

If you’d like to make your own sunscreen, consider lavender, helichrysum, and coconut oils. Mix these oils according to your preferred recipe with shea butter and zinc oxide. The combination creates a toxin-free lotion to use each day to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. You’ll need to purchase a bottle or portable container to store the sunscreen and keep it ready for use.

Essential Oils to Exterminate Pests

Several essential oils are used to exterminate and eliminate pests from the home. First, clove and orange oils are used to kill pests such as roaches and ants on contact. Lemon and other citric oils can eliminate fleas from the home and keep them out. You can place the lemon or even lavender oils in a diffuser to repel fleas and other flying insects in your home.

Options for Cleaning Your Carpet Better

When cleaning a carpet, you’ll want to use an antiseptic essential oil to kill germs and freshen the room. The best combination for creating your own carpet cleaner is adding tea tree oil to Borax. You should add no more than twenty drops of the oil to the detergent and sprinkle it on the carpet. You can leave it for as long as you wish and vacuum the powder from the carpet easily.

Essential oils can present great solutions for managing health. However, they can also provide solutions that can make everyday chores simple and beneficial. Consumers who want to learn more about these opportunities can visit LSP right now.



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