What Is The Fit Package Offered By Pathway?

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Consumers start crazy diets and exercise plans when they want to make changes in their lives. Unfortunately, for some, these efforts are wasted, and they become discouraged. A primary issue that the consumers face is that the plans aren’t personalized. Today, diet and nutrition experts offer a new plan that is based on the consumer’s DNA and a personalized profile.

It Starts with DNA

At the beginning of each plan, the consumer follows the instructions and submits a DNA sample. They use the swab and packaging provided to send their sample to the nutrition experts. This DNA sample is used to create a profile based on the consumer’s current lifestyle and diet. The lab explores how the consumer’s DNA plays a role in their overall health and wellness.

Assessing Diet Changes

The first step is an exploration of the foods that the consumer eats every day. These foods determine how healthy their bodies really are. They also define whether or not the consumer is acquiring all necessary vitamins and minerals through these foods. Their DNA profile could also answer questions about diet changes that are necessary to make them healthier overall.

Directing the Consumer with Exercise Plans

An assessment of the DNA defines what exercise plans are more likely to work the best for the consumer. Their DNA defines whether or not the consumer may face further challenges down the road. It also defines where to start when planning their new exercise strategies. It is these strategies that help the consumers achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy body weight.

Fighting Against Predispositions

DNA testing defines all predispositions to diseases and health concerns. The plan addresses these dispositions through diet and exericse. This can help the consumers lower common risks associated with their family medical history. It can also prevent more serious conditions from developing.

Consumers review a multitude of diet and exercise plans throughout their lives. These plans present them with limited results in most cases. The reason for that is that the plans don’t address the consumer’s concerns on a personalized level. Consumers who want to learn more about the fit package offered can contact Pathway directly.



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