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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (OMAD)

Intermittent fasting is a way of eating whereby you chose to eat for some hours which is called the fed state ten after you have eaten you chose to stay fasted where you decide not to eat anything at all only taking water or any other zero calorie drink. Among the many styles of intermittent fasting is the 18:8 which is where you fast for 18 hours and eat for 6 hours, and the cycle continues. This way of eating tests one’s willpower; it is for this reason that one needs to be well prepared for the journey. There e many hidden gems that come with intermittent fasting and this article will have its primary focus on unveiling them.

The first thing that you stand to gain from intermittent t fasting is that you will be able to reduce your weight significantly, this is made possible by the fact that your body becomes hypersensitive to insulin that is released into the blood; this makes it easy for you to burn more fat in the body. Another reason why you can lose weight is because you are consuming a reduced number of calories per day; when you practice OMAD, you can reach a point of appetite correction where you do not need to eat a lot of food to reach satiety.

When you do intermittent fasting as a part of your lifestyle, you lower your chances of getting sick because it gives your body a chance to heal itself; when this happens, it means that your white cells will be in excellent condition such that when diseases strike, they will be able to fight it off thus boosting your good health. However, in the event that you fall sick, since your body is not constantly digesting food, it will focus all the energy on healing and restoring your body to perfect health.

Another important thing to note about intermittent fasting is that it promotes autophagy which refers to the renewal as well as the clean-up of the body cells; this is beneficial because it means that you will be able to get rid of buildup waste in the cells which takes a toll on the body. This may not seem like a huge thing to do, but just like you would spring clean your house, the body needs that cleaning to function well.

To reap all the benefits that have been discussed, it is important to embrace Intermittent fasting as part of our lives.

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